Dell Inspiron N5010 core i3 (processor 2.4)

Dell Inspiron N5010


Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review


Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review

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Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review

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Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review


Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review


Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review

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Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review


Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review


Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review

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Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review


Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review


Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review


Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron N5010 Specification:


General Specs

Processor Type IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ i3
Processor Speed 2.40Ghz
Operating System DOS
Hard Disk 250GB
Ram 2GB


Processor Type IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ i3
Processor Model 370M
Processor Speed 2.40Ghz
Processor Bits 64-bit
Processor Threads 4
No of Cores 2
L2 cache
L3 cache 3MB
Bus speed
Chipset Mobile IntelĀ® 5 Series Express Chipset (HM57)


Hard drive size 250GB
Hard drive speed 5400 rpm
Optical Drive Super Drive (DVD WR/ CD WR)
Type of harddrive SATA


Maximum memory Up to 8GB
Number of memory slots 2
Installed RAM 2GB
Type of memory DDR3


Dedicated graphics memory shared
Graphics processor Intel(R) HD Graphics
Maximum shared graphics memory


Colors Mars Black, Peacock Blue, Tomato Red and Lotus Pink
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Weight 2.64Kg


Aspect ratio 16:9
Backlight LED
Screen size 15.6 Inch
Screen surface Widescreen HD WLED Glossy Display with TrueLifeTM (1366×768)
Touchscreen 0


Bluetooth Yes
LAN Integrated network connector 10/100 LAN (RJ45)
Modem No
Wireless/Wifi Yes


Headphone output Yes
Microphone input Yes
USB 2.0 Yes
USB Ports (Total) 3
VGA out Yes


Battery life 48 WHr Li-Ion Battery
Battery type
No of cells 6


Camera Yes
Card Reader Yes
Warranty 1 Year




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Dell Inspiron N5010
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  1. moses roy said:

    hello..i have dell inspiron n5010,my graphic card memory is ATI 512mb…can i change it to 1 gb…anyone pls tell me

    • Ali said:

      “Dell Inspiron n5010” Motherboard has integrated Graphics card so you can’t upgrade or change it. However its not impossible if others things on motherboard are also changed but all this required technical work by some hardware expert.

  2. Rustam Sheikh said:

    Hello I have dell inspiron n5010, can i upgrade 1TB HDD. pliease tell me.

    • Ali said:

      Dell Inspiron n5010:
      Rustam! yes you can change it
      There are restrictions for graphics card replacement or
      maximum RAM but I think you can upgrade your Dell Inspiron n5010 Hard disk to 1000GB

    • Dell Inspiron N5010 User said:

      Instead of upgrading your HDD to 1TB you can also use a SATA SSD which I am using right now!
      And Ofcourse yes! You can add 1TB HDD if you want to

  3. Guido Ranirez said:

    Tengo una Dell Inspiron N5010 y desde un tiempo tengo problemas con el teclado, cuand estoy escibiendo, el cursor brinca adonde quiere y tengo que borrar mucho de lo escrito para volverlo a escribir, no se como reparar el problema

    • Anonymous said:

      I think its Intel first generation bcz by that time when inspiron n5010 came into market 2nd generation laptops were rare in market

      • Cecilia Peterson said:

        Hope this isn’t a too dumb question. The third light from left to right on the front is blinking orange. Do I need a new power cord or a battery?

  4. nageswaratao said:

    Hai ….. I was fasing with key board even single key also not working any one please solve this problem.

  5. Bikssss said:

    Hey I have n5010 in this laptop 3.0 Usb
    Run or not…. plz reply me……..

  6. himal said:

    i tried to uprgade my laptop to windows 8 by booting from DVD but failed. i tried from a USB drive as well and failed again.
    is Dell N1050 made not to be able to upgrade? or is there any drivers i need to update? please help.

    • Anonymous said:

      u can upgrade it just normally, through the bootable pd or live cd.
      though upgrading it will be more of a problem as there are no windows 8 compatible drivers available for this model!

      • himal said:

        the windows upgrade assistant scanned my laptop and said:
        “Secure boot requires firmware that supports UEFI v2.3.1 Errata B and has the Microsoft Windows Certification Authority in the UEFI signature database”.

        is this something that can be solved?

    • RGReddy said:

      It will support for Win-7,8 and Ubuntu , i tried in my Laptop its working fine . Sure it will support foe win-8 also 32/64 bit OS.

    • Anonymous said:

      yes you can update the Dell N5010 to windows 8 32/64 bit both. i have updated my dell n5010 OS to windows 8.1 64-bit version from windows 7 professional 32-bit and it is running fine

    • Anonymous said:

      you can upgrade to win8.1 i did this and face no problem.better you you download from website and then run.

  7. RGReddy said:

    Hi , I have a laptop Dell Inspiron N5010 , it is facing HDD issue,when i run any application even Browser also it will Struck for few mints some times it will getting Blue screen Error, we need to restart it Manually,i tried my level best Defragment the HDD and Re-imaging the OS , still the Problem Remain Same , is there any problem with HDD or Laptop ?. can i upgrade my RAM to 8GB DDR3 single ram it will support ?. can any one can give me the Best solution what to do .

    • Maximus2 said:

      Yes, it means that the drive has deteriorated or bad sectors on the drive platters. I urge you to stop using the drive and take it to a data recovery specialist, But the downside to this is the service is expensive( depending on who you go to). Take the drive out and replace it. And yes the laptop supports a maximum of eight gigabytes of memory.

    • chas wilson said:

      depending on the operating system (what windows you are running) you will press the wifi button to switch between wifi on bluetooth on both or non, if you upgrade to windows 8 or higher you will need to reinstall the bluetooth drivers as they are not installed on upgrade

  8. Yolande said:

    puis je mettre un batterie 9 cell et 7200amh dans ce labtop sans probleme

  9. Ahmad Raza said:

    Assalamo Alakum.
    sir i have dell inspiron n5010. its screen has damaged. i want to repair it. how much its repairing price? reply soon

    • Ali said:

      it varies depending upon your country. According to me in India and Pakistan it may varies from 70$ to 100$ (used screens).
      But don’t worry n5010 screen is standard size 15.6 screen. Other similar screen of 15.6″ laptop models can be used as replacement.

    • Maximus2 said:

      Depends. Try replacing the cord, if that doesnt work, replace the power supply (power jack).

  10. nayyar said:

    i want to add a 2gb memory card to my n5010 dell inspiron. is it enough to ask for a ddr3 card? pl advise.

    • Maximus2 said:

      Yes you can go up to eight gigabytes DDR3 memory, but six is recommended

  11. Anonymous said:

    I have dell inspiron n5010
    i want to update intel hd accelerator drive
    Can it be possible

  12. arpit bisen said:

    i have dell inspiron n5010
    Can i update my intel r hd graphics accelerator driver

    • Maximus2 said:

      The driver yes, but the chip no because it is built into the motherboard

  13. arpit bisen said:

    Can i add 4 gb ram in my dell inspiron 5010
    Although it has 3 gb currently

    • Maximus2 said:

      The maximum memory limited to the BIOS is eight gigabytes, so in your case yes you can

    • Anonymous said:

      Buy a new ram (DDR3 for laptop) 6GB is fine but 8GB ram is not recommended.

  14. Anonymous said:

    I want to upgrade my dell inspiron N5010 . Can i change my complete motherboard.As already its giving problems.Also its LCD Cable damaged error is coming So basically cant start the laptop So I was thinking of changing motherboard and also LCD Cable.Can anybody suggest specification of motherboard.
    Thank you in advance

    • Maximus2 said:

      The only motherboard that can be installed is the one that is in there now (or a custom motherboard). The screen should be completely replaced as the LCD cable can be one of the multiple problems(especially with the inverter). As I have experience with WAY older computers than this one, wear an Anti-Static wrist strap, as this should be used everytime you take it apart. I hope you find this helpful.

    • Maximus2 said:

      I recommend the same brand (Western Digital Scorpio) in the laptop, or even better, use a solid state drive.

  15. Anonymous said:

    does anyone else have problems connecting to wifi on their N5010? upgrading to windows 10 seems to have helped but before that it was a nightmare

  16. Rachele Mcclanahan said:

    Good Quality laptop.
    But now dell is launching poor laptops, instead of keeping good quality products and improving them, Dell is launching more and more laptops which is difficult to trust
    By the way good work keep it up

  17. Precious Caudill said:

    Thanks for full details, many sites are appearing in google top results but showing very limited information

  18. Stephen Pocock said:

    Looking to upgrade my N5010 DDR3 but not sure if this has 204 pin or 240pin. Help?

    • Muhammad Furqan said:

      You can extend RAM by adding new RAM to the 2nd slot. But the 2nd RAM should be DDR3 having the same Bus speed as the existing ram. This way you can easily extend your RAM without any configuration ore the compatibility issue.