Dell Alienware Area 51m Gaming Laptop Faqs 1

Revolutionary 17 inch gaming laptop with upgradeable, overclockable desktop 9th Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, plus a magnesium alloy chassis.

Do all area 51m come with Z390 desktop chipset, and are the ssd nvme or not?

Yes, they all come with the Z390 chipset, click on the following link to view the storage specifications:

Will undervolting or repasting the cpu and/or the gpu of the system void the warranty of Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop?

It will not void the warranty, but if you experience any issues caused by these procedures, we will not be able to cover them in the warranty.

Does Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop have Windows Store so I can play WoTB and games like that.

Yes, the system comes with a Windows 10 operating system.

Would it be a good laptop to do CAD work on daily basis and play some VR once in a while? I would like to buy a decent machine to work at Univeristy and I really need it to be portable, so I though it may be a good choice for me. :) Thank you for help

Sure, this system is VR-Ready, and it’s a great choice for regular tasks as well.

Please advise me,

if I buy and import an Alienware Arera 51 M Laptop of USA to Peru, I keep the guarantee of the Distribuitor of Dell in PERU?

You would need to do an ownership transfer in that case. However, since you will be going to another region, you can only do this type of transfer if you have premium plus warranty, which includes international support warranty.

Can Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop be supplied with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit?

No, Windows 7 Pro is no longer in production. We offer Windows 10 with our systems.

Does this Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop overheat and also how is the fan noise?

No, it is designed for gaming, and its able to withstand high temperatures.

Does Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop have windows hello face?

No, this system does not support Windows Hello.

does it come with windows hello face?

No, this system does not support Windows Hello.

Does the A51 M laptop already have the software to play most games, or will I have to download certain software for a each game? 
For example I will be using steam games a lot and games such as minecraft 

It comes with the necessary device drivers and software to play games. However, it does not include 3rd party software such as Steam. You will need to download that separately.

Can I get 4K res on an Area 51 laptop

No, we do not offer a 4K display with this system.

does this model have a disk player available

No, this system does not include an optical disk drive. However, you can connect an external one via one of the USB ports.

can this run fortnite? i tried on my school laptop and it ran at like 24 fps so im hoping that this can run fortnite so i can win more.

Yes, with the lowest configuration, it can run Fortnite at 190+FPS. Click on the following link to view all the configurations and the FPS information.

Does the Alienware 51m Laptop have a built in camera?

Yes, it comes with an Alienware HD (1280×720 resolution) integrated camera with dual-array integrated microphones.

What are the configuration of Dell – Alienware Area-51m

Click on the following link to view the available configurations for this system:

Can a second HardDrive be added to Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop

Yes, click on the following link to view the storage specifications for this system:

1) Is it possible to turn off every lights on keyboard, touchpad , alien logo on back, everywhere ?
2) Any custom options to get a screen with 60Hz display ,without G-sync and Tobii eye tracking?

1. Yes, with the Alienware Command Center application.
2. Yes. For example, you can choose the 17.3″ FHD (1920 x 1080) 60Hz Anti-Glare IPS Display configuration. It does not come with G-sync or Tobii Eye tracking.

If I buy this alienware laptop with only 1TB space without RAID, can I upgrade the laptop by adding a RAID for SSD in the future?

Yes, that is correct.

Will I be able to upgrade to a tenth generation intel processor in Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop?

This system supports up to 9th Generation Intel Core i9-9900K processors.

Will the problem with the computers dying ever be fixed? I was wondering because I was thinking about buying one of these and when I saw these problems with the computer I was not sure.

You shouldn’t have any issues with the system. For technical support, send us your Service Tag in a private message via our Facebook or Twitter support pages. We will be glad to help.


Touch screen available in Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop?

No, this system does not have touch-screen technology.

Is Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop VR compatible?

Yes, this system is VR-Ready.

Does Alienware Area-51m Gaming Laptop support windows server 2019 thanks?

No, this system comes with Windows 10 Home 64bit English.

I am interested in your Dell Alienware A51m product (with i9 9700k, rtx 2070, 16gb ram,… etc)! I wonder how long this laptop conserves charge (unplugged from charger) when playing video games, when watching youtube and when listening to music;

Click on the following link to view the available information regarding the system battery:

Can you please have the full specifications of this laptop?

Click on the following link to view the system specifications :

Did Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop includes an international warranty?.

No, this system has a 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty.

Is the display screen upgradeable if I wanted upgrade in future

Unfortunately, no. It cannot be upgraded, the motherboard may not support the upgrade configuration.

How much gb of ram does Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop have?

That depends on the configuration that you choose, click on the following link for more information:

How do we extend the warranty on an Alienware Area 51m

Click on the following link to extend your warranty:

I want to make sure I have the better thermal cooing. How do I make sure which version cpu I choose comes with better cooling.

Click on the following link to view all the available configurations that we offer with this system:

Hi there,
I would like to know if this laptop will be able to tun the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, and if not, what do you recommend?

It really depends on the graphics card. The 2060 should be able to run it fine. Remember , these games are designed to run on consoles like ps4. If you got it maxed out though , with the 2080 and i9, you will be able to run it at max graphics at 60+ fps without any issue at all. 

That depends on the requirements for the game. Every game has its own system requirements. We would need to wait for the game to be officially released to confirm that information.


All the available configuration?

You can view the available configurations on the following link:

it is possible to update the video card after buying the Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop?

Yes, you can replace the GPU afterwards.

How much price of this laptop
New Alienware Area-51m Gaming Laptop

You can view the available configurations, and the pricing information on the following link:

Are all versions of Dell-Alleware Aera-51m Microsoft Virtual Machines Capable?

Yes, they are VR-Ready.

Does the device support a processor xeon ?

You can view the supported processors for this system on the following link:

How do I get the black version of this computer?

choose dark side of the moon when you are configuring your laptop. lunar light is the white one.

How good is it.

This is a great choice for a gaming laptop. Click on the following link to view the available configurations:

Will consumers be able to send the area 51-m back to dell for upgrading purposes? i.e getting processor, gfx modules upgraded at a later date?

No, unfortunately, Dell does not offer these type of services.

What are specs 

specs are the computers key components Ex prosseser, RAM random acsses memory.

You can view the system specifications on the following link:

V R available

Yes, this system is VR-Ready.

Im a computer noob but I know that a dedicated GPU is most of the time required for a gaming laptop. So does the Area 51m have an intergrated GPU or a dedicated?

You can view this information on the following link:

I’m thinking of getting this laptop, but I’ll need to use it for school so I am wondering how heavy it is 

The maximum weight is 8.54 lbs.

2 Questions:
1.Does it support Windows hello and if not, will there be any future updates for that?
2.Does it run 32GB of RAM at 2666Mhz if installed?

yes it does… im running 64gb 2666mhz ddr4 corsair ram in my system.

No, it does not support Windows hello. The supported RAM speed is 2400 MHz.

The basic configuration, comes with two 180 w power adapters?

I saw some forums and should come with a 180w, and 330w power adapter

Both of the configurations were offered depending on the video card chosen with the system.

This laptop (I am talking specifically about the one with Intel Core i7-8700 and GeForce RTX 2070) is shipped with two power adapters: 240W and 180W. How many power cords are shipped with it: 2 (so we can plug both at the same time) or only 1?

Thanks, this is what I expected. Asked the question because an internal Dell sales representative was telling me that the laptop comes with a single power cord because it is supposed to work with no performance penalties with a single power adapter (but when why send two adapters?:))

It comes with two power cords. For normal tasks, you can use just one adapter. For gaming or other graphically demanding applications, you will need to use both of the adapters.

I want to order an extra set of both Power supplies. What are the power ratings of the two power supplies? 

This system comes with two 180W Power Adapters.

What is the monitor hz?

There is a 60Hz and a 144Hz option.

What type of sound does this laptop have?

Click on the following link to view the audio specifications for this system:

Can I use this laptop for phhoto editing ? I mean in terms of the display?

That would depend on the photo editing applications that you plan on using with the system. We recommend checking the system requirements for those applications to confirm that your system will be able to handle them properly.

Does this laptop support a regular DisplayPort cable or would I have to get a cable that has different ends to support DP on a high Hz monitor. If so could you link me THE BEST recommended DisplayPort cable? Thank you! 

The video card on this system comes with one HDMI port and one Mini DisplayPort.

why does this have 2 power plugs in the rear?

This system ships with two power adapters, and it will operate normally with one power adapter connected. For maximum gaming performance, it is recommended to connect the two adapters.

Does Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop have slot for sd card 

No, it does not have an SD card slot.

What kind of temps does this lappy run at and what kind of cooling does it havem

The temps depend on the task that you are running, this system is able to handle high temperatures when gaming. It comes with an advanced Cryo-Tech cooling.

Has the issue been resolved from the burned circuit / PSU and the unit not being able to power up? like most of the review that posted here? are they resolved yet because i was planning to buy a unit

You shouldn’t have any issues with this system. For technical support, send us your Service Tag in a private message via our Facebook or Twitter support pages. We will be glad to help.


How upgradeable is the CPU? Do upgrades stop at the 9900K/HK? Is it limited to this generations socket only like typical intel? 

You can upgrade the CPU with the supported processors. Click on the following link to view the supported CPUs for this system:

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