Dell Alienware Area 51m Gaming Laptop Faqs 2

Revolutionary 17 inch gaming laptop with upgradeable, overclockable desktop 9th Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, plus a magnesium alloy chassis.

Is the Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop screen LCD, LED, OLED? What type of screen tech does it use other than “Full HD”.

It uses an FHD display panel.

Does the maximum weight is 8.54 lbs (3.87 Kg) include the power adapters?

Yes, that is correct.


Choice of Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon.

would Alienware area 51m be able to play world of Warcraft on highest settings

on ultra at over 100 fps

Yes, this system meets the requirements to run WOW in high settings.

My mom spilled some hair dye on the laptop and can’t I get rid of the stains

Unfortunately, this would be considered cosmetic damage and it is not covered in the warranty.

Is this unit is g sync?

Yes, the display configurations that we offer include NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

Does this laptop have the ability to operate and charge on a single power adapter, or do both adapters need to be connected for this function?

Yes, it can charge operate and charge on a single adapter. However, for maximum performance (gaming), you will need to use both adapters.

I have to carry my travels with me which adapter should I use ?

For maximum performance and gaming, you will need to use both. However, if you are going to do normal tasks, only one adapter is needed.

What software does it use? Is it microsoft?  

Yes, this system comes with a Windows 10 Home 64bit English operating system.

What does this monster weigh?

The maximum weight is 8.54 lbs. (3.87 Kg).

what drive is the os placed on?

On the 56GB PCIe M.2 SSD, that is the primary drive.

Is that intel desktop cpu.

Yes, it is an Intel desktop CPU.

What is the average battery life for this laptop. I couldn’t find this important info in the spec.

This varies depending on operating conditions and can significantly reduce under certain power-intensive conditions.

Is the i7-9700K also a good choice for content creation and gaming like the i9? 

If you are interested in Gaming and such, you should get a better GPU not CPU. The CPU concentrates on normal tasks of the computer while the GPU handles the graphics load.

Sure, the i7-9700k processor is a good choice for media creation or regular tasks as well.

how long of battery life will you get doing scool work without gaming

i read that normal work is about 3 hours

This can vary depending on operating conditions and can significantly reduce under certain power-intensive conditions.

Can you do digital art on the Alienware area 51m

Yes, that’s what I do all day and this system flat out rocks for doing vector and/or raster graphics in CorelDRAW, Illustrator or PhotoShop. 3D modeling and rendering are also done in a quarter of the time that it took my R3. I do have mine loaded out to the max. It completely eliminated my need for a desktop system. Best system I ever had.

We recommend that you check the system requirements needed for the digital art applications that you want to run.

Would this laptop play Ark  Survival Evolved with no problems? Looking for something that will run the game smoothly.

Yes, you can run this game in high settings. For more information, check the following link:

Hello, last week i’ve ordered this product with a 512 gb ssd m.2. I would like to know which ssd i’ll receive. What’s the model and manufacturer of the ssd that i’ll receive? Thanks a lot!

For assistance, send us your order number in a private message via our Facebook or Twitter support pages. We will be glad to help.


With the 2060 or 2070 GPU’s, Is anyone noticing a loss in charge if starting at 100% while plugged in? My M15 ( I just received) with the 1660ti and 180w charger is losing about 10% per hour of constant play on CSGO in balanced setting.

For technical support, send us your Service Tag in a private message via our Facebook or Twitter support pages. We will be glad to help.


How many watts for gaming

For gaming, you need to use both of the AC adapters that come with the system.

Is this Alienware Area-51m laptop good for school work? I’m taking classes for Medical Coder Specialist. I will be putting a lot of memories in it with school assignments and Power Point assignments. I’m not that kind of gaming person.

Yes, even though it’s a gaming system, it can also be used for regular tasks, like using Microsoft Office.

What specs would’ve be best for both gaming and 3d design?

This system is designed for gaming, any of the configurations will work great for gaming. It should also have the needed requirements for 3D design applications. However, we recommend that you check the requirements for the 3D design applications that you want to run and make sure the system meets them all.

Will this starting version be able to play league of legends, world of warcraft, and final fantasy online on full graphics settings?

Yes, this system meets the requirements to run these games in high settings.

How much the full system (the laptop plus the 2 power adapters) weigh?

It weighs just under 13 pounds including the 2 poweer adapters. Also, you will need both the power adapters becasue it will die after about an hour and a half even if you are just doing spread sheets.

The maximum Weight is 8.54 lbs. (3.87 Kg)

this computer’s color is white ?

It has dual color options, you can choose from the futuristic look in Lunar Light or Dark Side of the Moon, a darker, more traditional appearance.

Do you need to have the power supply connected constantly for function?

Not for regular functions, but you will need to have it connected for gaming or other graphic demanding applications.

Does the Alienware area 51m, work with any mouse and keyboard, and does it work with the turtle beach stealth 600 headset

Yes, it should work properly with this system. However, we recommend that you check the system requirements for the peripheral devices that you want to use, not all may be compatible.

What is the best to use for a one user laptop: Single Drive, Dual Drive, or Raid 0 drives

This depends on which option best suites your needs. The drives in Raid 0 will boot up and run overall faster than a single or dual drive. If you want to have dual drives for backup purposes, this option would be best for you. If you do not mind having a single drive working at normal speeds, then you should go for the single drive option.

Can I use this laptop for do graphic design 

Yes, it comes with some of the latest GPU/CPU technology, as well as several SSD options for the drives.

will the area51 laptop get support for 2666 memory in the future through a bios update?

We have not received confirmation on this.

How much Dell Alienware area 51m Laptop Weights

The maximum Weight: 8.54 lbs. (3.87 Kg)

I am looking to buy this M51 but the storage configuration is too small, I was thinking of the 2 m.s drives for 2TB and the SSHD drive, then swap out that drive for a larger one, is this possible, How can I get to the max high performance storage possible

Hi, click on the following link to view this information:

Can someone who actually owns this laptop (not Dell) let us know if the fans are quiet?

Yes and no. There are different fan configurations you can choose from. The lowest setting is super quite. You can however go to the opposite extreme and put it into Performance cooling. This is much louder, but it is still half as load as my aging Alienware M17R2, so it will be a little relative to what you have grown accustom to with your current laptop.

Can i put a down payment if i choose to finance?

Yes, for more information, please contact the Dell financial services. Here is their contact info:

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